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QueerCampus India (QCI)- Delhi public meeting- June 4, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

2, Hauz Khas village
Huaz Khas
New Delhi

QueerCampus India invites you to join us for our public meeting at Yodakin Bookstore.

Our regular public meetings are informal support spaces for queer youth. And
We wholeheartedly invite participation from everyone who believes in what we stand for! This is your space to speak your mind, share your experiences with respect to coming out to family, friends, realization of your sexuality, your specific interests or what you expect from a queer youth support group like QCI.


◄Queering Literature►

...Yes! The theme of this month’s first public meeting is Queering

We will do reading from the book 'Our Lives and our words' telling aravani lifestories." This book is a recent launch of yet another brilliant book from the epic series on sexuality by YODA PRESS. This book is written by A. Revathi who is an activist and spokesperson for the rights of the aravani community in India.

One of our aims at the meeting would also be to understand the term 'queer'-
How we relate it to different aspects of our life and the society at large.
Feel free to bring along any relevant material/text on your part- newspaper articles, magazines or a book.

Above is a short note from Gautam Bhan, the General Series Editor of YODAPRESS Sexuality series. The above note is an excerpt from Series Editors foreward note from the book "Our Lives and our words".

The truth is that before I heard the words hijra and aravani, I heard others; chakka, sixer, gaandu. I remember very clearly where, I was ten years old and the sound of a single clap had broken yet another round of afternoon cricket. We all stood gaping at the hands from round of afternoon cricket. No one knew what to say, if anything,. The silence ended as such silences often do. I don't know who laughed first- perhaps it was me. That first nervous giggle let open the floodgates. We laughed, suddenly faced by the limits of our own floodgates. That hijra became just another joke between us boys that we hid further and further behind as the years went by.

But i was lucky. Since then. Famila, Kajal, Vidya, Muskaan, Revathi, Asha Babu and many others came into my life. They were all activists, friends, comrades, counselors, and inspirations. The fact that they were hijras became just information, rather than identity. Most of the time I was able to excercise that greatest of privileges: I forgot that they and I were meant to be 'different'. . . . . .
- Gautam Bhan

YODAKIN is a bookstore that throws open a space dedicated to marketing and promoting exciting work by some cutting-edge independents in books, music and cinema. Alternative and Independent are the two words define this space. Yodakin is a Queer-friendly space and will be hosting this QCI meeting and more in the future.


Soall you gorgeous people, See you this Saturday!!

As we gather and celebrate at this space and explore the realms of Queer Literature.

For any further inquires please reach us at the given contacts.

Phone- 9711256434 and 9999096097
Email ID-

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