Wednesday, 2 February 2011

QueerCampus India (QCI)- Delhi public meeting- Feb 5, 2011

Saturday, Feb 5, 2011

2, Hauz Khas village
Hauz Khas
New Delhi

◄QueerCampus India invites you to join us for our public meeting at Yodakin Bookstore ►

Our regular public meetings are informal support spaces for queer youth. And we wholeheartedly invite participation from everyone who believes in what we stand for! This is your space to speak your mind, share your experiences with respect to coming out to family, friends, realization of your sexuality, your specific interests or what you expe...ct from a queer youth support group like QCI.


One of our aims at the meeting would also be to understand the term 'queer'- how we relate it to different aspects of our life and the society at large. Feel free to bring along any relevant material/text on your part- newspaper articles, magazines or a book.

The text that we have selected for the above discussion includes two chapters from the book, 'Because I Have A Voice', by Arvind Narrain and Gautam Bhan.


#We'll start discussion with the 'Introduction' chapter which can be read online at the Google book preview.

Also, please contact us at 9999096097 if you have any other query related to this meeting or you want to know about our group.

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