Monday, 29 November 2010

Nigah Queerfest '10: Queer 101 Workshop

As a part of QueerFest 2010, Nigah is conducting a workshop on basics of sexuality, coming out, and queerness. Nigah has also worked on some documents/guides related to these issues. At recent QueerCampus Delhi public meetings, we've had discussions on a range of questions related to coming out and sexuality. Input and comments from these meetings have been added to the guides which will be released at the Nigah workshop.

There are two workshops, one in English and the other, in Hindi. These workshops are happening on 30th November, 2010. If you want to help out QueerCampus with approaching colleges and organizing campus events/discussions, please do come for these workshops. We'll also have a few members from QueerCampus who will be attending both English and Hindi workshops.

If you wish to attend these workshops as a part of QueerCampus or if you have any queries, drop us a mail at

These are the details of the workshop-


English I हिन्दी
***Please forward widely***

Queer 101
Venue: Kunzum Café, T-49, GF, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
Dates: Tuesday, November 30.
Time: 7- 9 PM
What does it mean to be Queer? How does it differ from being gay? Is it a choice? Is it natural? Is it normal? Is it against Indian culture?
There are hundreds of questions that we encounter, when we’re figuring out our sexuality or helping someone figure out theirs. Nigah invites you to a fun, interactive workshop on finding your answers to the basics of Sexuality, Queerness, Coming Out and being yourself.

***कृपया व्यापक रूप से फॉरवर्ड कीजिये***
क्वीयर 101
स्थान: सहेली, दूकान नंबर १०५-१०८ के ऊपर, डिफेन्स कालोनी फ्ल्योवर मार्केट, नई दिल्ली ११००२४
समय: शाम को ७ से ९ बजे, मंगलवार, ३० नवम्बर
क्वीयर होने का मतलब क्या है? वो "गे" होने से अलग कैसे है? क्या ये एक तरह का विकल्प है? प्राकृतिक है? सामान्य है? क्या यह भारतीय सभ्यता के विरुद्ध है?
जब हम अपनी यौनिकता या किसी और की योनिक्ता को समझने की कोशिश करते हैं तो हमे हजारों सवाल का सामना करना पड़ता है. निगाह आपको आमंत्रित करता है एक मज़ेदार और संवादात्मक कार्यशाला मे जहां हम यौनिकता के इन अनेक सवालो के जवाब साथ खोजेंगे!
निगाह की टोली

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