Friday, 23 April 2010

Why QueerCampus?

Why do we need QueerCampus groups? With Pride Parades, India's own LGBT pride store, partying groups, magazines and a plethora of support groups...India's rainbow is already shining. After all it's only a matter of 4 years or so..once you get out of your student life, there are many, many options to explore. So, where's the gap?

Such a gap is best "felt". When I was coming out, making gay profiles, searching for gay communities et al..I really couldn't find what I was looking for. What I wanted 3 years back was QueerCampus. And all I could find was, quote my thoughts 3 years back "partying and dating groups full of grown up people". How could have I worried about gay pride, Azaad bazaar tee-shirts, Boyzone parties, and Queer Delhi activities when I didn't even understand my sexuality. And the NGO's, support groups and helplines seemed dark and uninviting! I had never heard/known about any LGBT movies or magazines and the equality forums looked like some glitzy talk.

So, now we know. There is a gap and QueerCampus aims to fill this gap. While, in recent years young gay people have been coming out, interacting, looking for and forming their own informal group of gay friends, QueerCampus aims to facilitate such interactions and seeks to provide them popularity and recognition by grouping them under a collective. Only by organizing it into such a structure will we be able to rally for official students' LGBT groups, provide counselling and seek support, understanding and acceptance from parents, friends, families and society.

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